KimK Collection Training

KimK Collection Training By Soft Volume Technique is Master class which is focused only KimK effects and system. This training is for students who already have completed volume lash training course, but want to upgrade their knowledege. We introduce 4 different ways of KimK lash mappings and system.

Ultra fine eyelashes from 2D to16D method of forming volume fans. In this training program, You can learn how to make eyelashes from the most natural, gentle result until to the Mega Volume result. Differ from beginner Soft Volume class & Soft Volume Advanced class is we are focused only KimK effects and system. Not so much modeling face and eyes.
The right choice of material and technique selection is a kind of art in the lash industry. Doing this thru easiest lash mapping system. How to work with a heavy eyelid, older clients and different types of eyes. Your one-day speed up training trainer is Europe Championship Kolibri 2016 winner and many more championships, who introduces You to the art of the lash art technology and gives You tips on how to become a true professional. How to avoid basic mistakes and make quality work. Revealing principles and secrets to achieve maximum speed doing volume lashes with a different material. Theory of working with a different eyelash rows. For each student is the Lash manual book and a Mini-KimK kit. The student’s prior experience is required, the One By One and Volume training course must be completed (but do not have to be passed on to us) At the end of the Soft Volume Advanced training, an international certificate is issued.
Our lash coach develop those different variations of KimK from 2016 and revaled it 2018, it took 2 years to develop this system.
Invest in Yourself!