Soft Volume Masterclass Helsniki & Jyväskylä

Soft Volume Masterclass Helsinki 13 & 14 January / Jyväskylä 16 January 2018

Soft Volume technique is Volme lashes + Soft style – patented technique.

Does is suits with every master? Yes, this technique is a mixture of lash tips and secrets.

We have 100% POSITIVE feedback after every masterclass!!! Even masters with 5 years experiences with volume lashes, are learning new tips and secrets.

1 Day program- 3 hours theory- 5 hours practice on model.

  • Multiple techniques for volume fans
  • How to speed up your technique
  • “Faceing” system for modelling eyes and face
  • Mappings
  • KimK lashes – 2 Styles
  • Lash Photography + Lash photoshop
  • Lash apps
  • Lash secrets of beautiful lash sets from the lash champion.
  • Mistakes why lashes do not have maximum retention.
  • Maxelle mini lash kit included
  • international certificate

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Perfect to level up your lash knowledge!!! Learn something NEW Kim style lashes.