Let’s meet who is this lash blogger and what is her purpose?!

My journey in the lash industry is 13 years and I have a lot of experiences to guide people in the lash field.

What is my purpose of lash blogging? I have so many events in a lash industry and thru this I have a lot of tips and information to give lash masters. So follow my blog helps lash masters get better knowledge and pictures from events where I have been. It would be pitty if I hold all my information to my self. Sharing is caring, you know 😉 And Social media I do a short and quick overview, but the blog is longer and more information,

Every Congress, beauty fair and lash championships judging I am going, I want to give You:

  • Educational information about lashes, lash tips and secrets.
  • A lot of Pictures!
  • My personal feedback do I recommend these event’s etc…
  • What’s new in the lash industry!! Hot

With my Lash Training events, I want to give You:

  • Lash tips & lash Secrets ofc 😀
  • Photos what we did, then you can see other people lash level or if You took part from It, then it is a good place to share them with You.
  • Other people experiences.
  • Show you how much fun is lash life !!!

About Me and where my experiences come!

I have been working years just offering lash procedures, until I realized that I was one of the most popular lash artist in the town. And there weren’t so many hours in the day service people, who wanted my lash extensions 😀 So I decided that I have to do my own salon to give these lashes to clients. I found girls who wanted to be lash masters in my salon and I retrained them with my knowledge. Meanwhile, I was taking part in many local and international lash championships what I won. So I run my business over 5 years and we were on top with lash procedures and lash trainings. Cool, but I was so overworked that I decided I will continue from 2018 only with my lash masterclasses and will be more international about it. Love my work and this beauty industry!!! I love Giving also lash procedures ….you know why? Because of the positive feedback, we get with every client is the top feeling !!! That’s why this is so good profession, you don’t get it with every profession… when I write articles I always think the point of view like salon owner, like lash master & like a lash trainer. Because I have been doing by my self all these steps and I know all the problems and winnings 😉

After all championships experiences I have :

  • Develop Soft Volume Technique – patented!
  • Develop 5 different styles of KimK lashes! ( I experimented 2 years to achieve this system and mapping)
  • CEO in Lash Design College – international lash School.
  • Lash Trainer in Lash Design College
  • Lash Trainer in Maxelle brand in Belgium
  • International lash Judge – this is a fun part!
  • Speaker in lash conferences
  • Program Author of Soft Volume Technique MasterClass, Kim Collection MasterClass by Soft Volume, Perfect Classics One by One system

Championships :

  • 1st place velvet volume, an expert at Kolibri Europe Championship 2016. Jurmala
  • 2. place master, volume eyelash extension at Baltic Beauty Cup 2016. Tartu
  • 3. place master, volume eyelash extensions at Ilusõnum Cup 2016.Tallinn
  • 1st place master, volume eyelash extensions at ilusõnum Cup 2015. Tallinn
  • The judge in an international lash championship in Tallinn, Lash Idol Championship
  • The judge in a local lash contest in Tallinn, Ilusõnum 2017
  • The Judge In a local lash championship Tallinn, Ilusõnum 2018

Thanks, If You made this far !! 😀

Give me ideas what to talk about it !!

And If someone has any questions, do not hesitate to ask ;)!!!

Lash championships took a lot of my time, commitment, invetment to knowlege and to championships. Good new’s is this that after all these experiences I am able to patent my own different lash techniques. And I am ready to share all these with the world.