Judgeing in Local championship 13.10. 2018

How nostlgic…..I got my first 1.st Place in volume lashes category 2015 at same competition and 2016 3rd place. So good feelings always to return local championships in Estonia.

I am so proud to see that lash level is so good in here and all participans Did so good lash sets. Just wow … this can’t be seen in every country. And all the Girls who didn’t get cups, You are also winner and worth of cups they were amazing works.

Do I recommend take part lash competitions ? Yes 100%, because You will overcome lash limits. This gives so many self-confidence, new better skills, growing and evolveing even if you don’t get your cup.

Congrats to all winners !!!! Wondering where You end up after few years….hope I will meet You all again.

I know what effort is behind with every competition…


The effort what girls give to e here and compete with each other is Stunning!