How to take better lash pictures ?

How to take better lash pictures?

This is one topic what I always talk in Lash Design College lash training programs.

I know it from My experience that You could be a best lash master in your country, it’s impossible to catch your beautiful lash set in the picture ? Is this happened to you? You finish Stunning, fully covered lash set in your work. And decide to take few photos with your phone. Later You check out the photos, you see that beautiful set is not any more so beautiful- not so fully covered set, looks more like half covered set?

There are few things you have to know about Lash Photography and Lash Photoshop. Cool if you can do awesome selfies, but lashes are very tiny and to get them perfectly in the picture is a challenge.

Actually, you don’t need a professional photo camera, a photographer standing next to you or drone to get perfect lash photo/video. This all can be done with Your phone. If you like my photo gallery – 95% photos are done by iPhone. 5% of them are done by a photographer for campaigns.

Verry important Lighting! Don’t use warm yellow lighting, better is cold and of course Led bulbs. My personal favorite is Ring lamp.

Angeles – from you are takeing photo. Lashes aren’t beautiful with every angle. Experiment with what angels lashes are looking best and what angels you have to avoid.

About photoshop –

We don’t photoshop lashes, We photoshop skin! And for that, you don’t need photoshop programs in laptop. You need few good apps in your phone. My personal favorites are snapseed and facetune. Golden rules for lash photoshop.

Add more light- but not too much!

Add glow to skin- must have fresh skin in your lash gallery.

Add blur to skin, not for lashes

Little bit contrast is also not bad idea, sometimes?

Don’t use filer never, this blurs your lashes too much.

All Lash Design College -training programs includes more about photoshop apps possibilities and tutorial how to use them. Also specific angeles how to get perfect shoot! More tips to achieve glow J-Lo skin to Your lash gallery ??✨?

Have fun with photos, and take time to experiment.

Awesome lash photos don’t happen, it takes time and 5 min is not enough for that.