Beauty Prof International Congress 2018 19.10-21.10 Lithuania

40 min ride from Vilnius to Esperanza resort. WOW, this is coolest Beauty congress event I have been in Baltics!!! I recommend this event 100% if You are choosing From Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, and from Finland. This Gorgeous place and perfectly planned event! The event is about lashes, brows, PMU, Makeup, Hairdressers. And first evening Gala dinner was also so perfectly planned. Everything looked so glam. All lash speakers were very good, topics what we need to know. Meybe in future I have possibility to speak there about some topics.

Only one thing, if you don’t speak Russian, then few speakers spoke only in Russia, not in english.

But my feedback for this event is 1000 😀

Beauty prof congress with Maxelle team Mieke Van Loovren & Kersti Toht

So well done organization, We really enjoyed it!

Thank You to all lash Speakers!!! Mieke Van Loovren Maxelle, Elena Stakhovitch Lizetta, Ekaterina Kimalova- Violet Lashes,  Ilona Cypiene Baltic Beauty School, Renata Rosamila Beauty point Stuttgart, Wilson Ugo from Austria, Jun Liu Luxeylash.

Esperanza Resort & spa. Totally recommend this place, I felt like lost in fairytale 😀 If You Are visiting Lithuania, vistit this place! Countryside and little bit luxury mixed together 😉 Restaurant side offers you quality champagne, whiskey and Cigarillo 😉

Amazing speech from Mieke about Lash Curla. Check how cute mono dose solution Maxelle has!! This makes me feel to buy 😀

Ekaterina Kimalova @ Violet Lash – About KIMK Styled Lashes. I was soo waiting to how she is doing this system, like a child waiting on a Christmas :D:D Because For me, took 2 years to develop and experiment, to achieve 5 different types of KimK Styled lashes. I found out that Kimalova style is totally different, from my Style of KimK. Few little things are similar to my system. But this is a BIG system what she has created … applause for her. The name is same, but she sees this system totally different angle. Cool, these are totally the second level thoughts…..if you come up to this system.

Renata Rosamilia – Mega Volume System. Good tips, found some new little things, what I didn’t know before. Check out from the photo how she suggests attach volume fans. COOL yeah!!! She is a Perfection queen every detail is thought thru, I can see this from her work!!!! Keep Going girl!!!

Jun Liu – Luxeylash from Taiwan. Do You know how to work with Asian eyelid? AND did you know that the lids are different? And the lash line part what is under the eyelid, is gone there and you have to stretch it out with patches. Wow This is a totally different face and eye design system.

And Cinderella Beauty School girls you are amazing professionals. Nerina Nerrute, Monika Simonite, Agne Vainuskaite, Dalia Geciene, Julija JUdina, Gintare Butrimaviciene, Indre Cbs, Brigita Vonzode. Thanks for an amazing event and you are a cool team 😉 😉