About Maxelle

Maxelle and Lash Design College cooperate together since 2018. Kersti Toht Lash Design College lash trainer is also Lash trainer in Maxelle. All lash Design College Training’s are held with Maxelle products and Soon webshop for products will be opened in LDC web page.

What Brand is Maxelle ? Maxelle is from Belgium and is represented 15 countries in EU. Professional eyelash products, PMU, and Lash Curla are cruelty-free.

This brand was born with an amazing story, I have to share this with You. Mieke Van Loovren was 20 years ago flight attendant and she had a flight to New York. Walking in the city She saw a label in the window “Lash Extensions”. This cute blondie didn’t have any hairs and she decided to give it a shot. Of course, She loved the result, except for that lashes hurt her little bit. After 3 weeks she was looking place in EU to have touch up for lashes, but she didn’t find. When She got chance to go NY again, She bought all the products from there and started to play with lashes by Her self. Soon she was looking better fiber to create better lash extension hairs etc… This is how Maxelle was born and Mieke is the owner of this brand.

Why did we decide to work together? The moment when I met Maxelle and tried these products I was in LOVE. These little packages were wrapped like presents. Beautiful design and professional inside – This is exactly what brand we needed, to work together with our training’s. We have training’s with Maxelle products together with Lash Design College and we have training’s with Maxelle team and products.

Home care solution for Clients is so cute. Beautiful washing foams + golden brush! I sell these to my clients like they were “Dior” hahaha it sounds funny, but I really like them. I am really happy to represent this Brand 🙂 Also Lip areola Forever pink-gloss for lips, cool way to bring out your natural lip pigmentation. < Soon Will do a longer post about it, because You have to see this thing. Lash mascara for extensions, without oil. Maxserum to better growing for eyelashes. Lip masks and eye masks are for VIP clients and this next level luxury service to Your Clients.

Quick fan 0.07 lashes- what are these? Cool product for a beginner of volume masters. Lashes are installed in-line together and they are a little bit attached from the bottom- and this gives quicker lash creation. Also, I like the result with a quick fan, because longer and shorte lashes are mixed together and this gives a whispy and spikey look.

Lash prep system products- impeccable clean, wow … all masters need this to achieve the best retention.

One by one lash -0.15 and flat lashes. Finally, I love using flat lashes, before I didn’t understand why masters are using these 😀

Soon more posts about training and events with Maxelle … we are going to have so much fun…

“Wake up, with Makeup” – Maxelle



Professional Lash Products inside and Luxury design outside.