Soft Volume technique = Volume lashes + Soft Style

Soft Volume Technique =Volume lashes + Soft Style.

Soft Volume Technique is volume technique what suits with every lash master, and is combined with special tips to create Soft Volume Style. This is our favorite Style how to create Volume lashes and we are happy to share these tips in our trainings. This style is created from experiences at lash championships. This starts all about how you build your tiny lash fans, to the choosing the correct lengths to lash mapping scheme. This is not about only lash master technical skills, this is about understanding how we are creating visual eye design. And these pictures are proof that this is a lash training where you actually get the skills to create same beautiful lash sets and catch them on a photo.

For who is best the technique? This technique is not teaching totally different and new technique this is technique full of lash tips how to create these effects. Suits for every master who wants better skills in volume lashes.

0.07 Maxelle volume lashes, C curl + D curl mixed! Length 5mm ➡️ 12 mm & 5D fans.

If you are already doing lashes, but don’t know how to achieve this result?! Then we are revealing all our lash secrets and lash tips in our Soft Volume Advanced Masterclass ?

Soft and fully covered Look. Check the most important areas – inner corner how the eye is starting and the eye end.